Adult Programs

The Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge offers a variety of programs for older teens and adults. Whether your goal is to lose weight while learning something new, always wanted to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, or you are a fan of MMA and want to learn and maybe fight yourself we have the right program for you.

Coach Mark working with Ron King III

Our Fundamentals programs are designed for beginning students who have little to no prior training experience. The revolving 8 week long programs cover all the essential basics needed for becoming a member of the Academy.  With one program for Grappling and one for Striking, you have the option to do one or both.

We recommend these programs for people that have had less than 6 months of prior training.


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Coaches Joe Cunningham and David Tepper

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or BJJ, is a grappling style derived from Judo.  The concentration in BJJ is working on positions of dominance and submission holds while on the ground.  However, since all matches start standing we also add in elements from wrestling and Judo.  We have classes using the traditional form where both partners are wearing a uniform, known in BJJ as a gi.  We also have separate classes in which we cover submission grappling without the gi.


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Coach Mark working with fighter and assistant instructor Ron King III

Muay Thai is considered by many to be the most effective form of striking since it uses punches, kicks, knees and elbows.  Like boxing or American kickboxing, Muay Thai has no associated uniforms or belts.  Your abilities are measured solely on your skill level.  Muay Thai matches typically take place in a ring much like boxing, but is scored very differently than boxing. While Yamasaki Academy of Woodbridge encourages Muay Thai students to compete, we understand that not every student will want to become a Muay Thai fighter. A student must meet certain minimum eligibility requirements before being invited to join the Muay Thai Fight Team.


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David Tepper wins his MMA match

We do things a little different here for MMA fighters. The fighters are expected to participate in all the classes offered at the Academy and participate in every type of competition available to us including BJJ tournaments, Judo tournaments, Muay Thai fights, and Wrestling tournaments. A student must meet certain minimum eligibility requirements before being invited to join the MMA Fight Team including having competed in other Combat Sports before they can be eligible for a fight. Our current stable of fighters have participated and held belts in events such as Gladiator Fight Club, Lights Out Combat, Washington Combat, DC; Max, EFC, and Operation Octagon.


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